“I’m sharing my unique survival story to spread hope, awareness, and peer-support.”

Caption of page 12, My Rosy Road  2018 Äni™

Caption of page 12, My Rosy Road
2018 Äni™

Äni (Anni Jaatinen 1990) is a visual artist from Finland, Helsinki.
5 Years before writing her first, autobiographical graphic novel My Rosy Road, Äni coundn’t even draw a triangle. Her life had suddenly turned completely upside down as she had a serious neurological illness and inflammation in her right hippocampus.
Her existence at the time felt exactly like she had lost her life and ability to experience it. She had no personality and functionality, let alone any promises to ever recover or stay alive. She had faded into just a shadow of her life, but yet she remembers it all.
In the hospital trapped in her lonely core, she got commited in sharing her insights and testimony, if she ever had a chance to live again.

She has now been blessed with full recovery and has composed a 48 page graphic novel and an art exhibition containing 12 original artworks.
Exhibition consist acrylic, ink and sculpture media, as well as every page as a separate framed work of art.
This revolutionary experience changed her for good, in her book and through her art, you can see why.

Äni has shared and illustrated her experiences and findings so that others may find hope and peer support from it.
”There’s someone, somewhere in the world who is facing these similar and scary situations that I went through. They might feel lonly, scared or hopeless. I hope they might be able to read this comic so they’d know that they are not alone in this. There’s other ones who have gone through it and that there is still hope.”


A charity spread of the comic has been printed out and we are in the process of sending copies to hospitals and neurological rehabilitation centers around the world.

My Rosy Road charity donations

We want to thank all the partners, backers and people behind the succesful generosity campaign. By donating and contributing in the cause you have helped us big time in making a completely free comic to be sent out to where it belongs.
In the hands of individuals facing neurological difficulties, their families, their care takers and hospital staff.

It has been such a blessing to receive feedback from the readers and the many exhibition visitors. All this touches our hearts and encourages us to keep going forward with the mission.

We like to be in contact with the people receiving the comic, so they know for sure it is completely free and paid for by our partners. Also because then we know there’s someone ready to receive it when it comes.
This takes time and effort, so we are distributing the copies slowly but surely.

You can help us out by:

A: Referring our comic to a hospital staff you know.
B: Refer a hospital / rehabilitation center to us and we will be in contact with them.

You may use the contact form below to do that.

All thanks to God, Äni’s circumstances have turned completely around.

She is currently immersed in her visual art and designer career with international exhibitions, employing people, contributing in charities, making sustainable productions and pursuing making the world a better place through art.
She has worked with hundreds of companies and partners, even as big as Microsoft.
In 2018 she was nominated as an Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of the year by Southern Finland’s Chamber of Commerce for her personal growth and accomplishments.

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